"unable to initialize direct3d", how do i fix this?

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Thread: "unable to initialize direct3d", how do i fix this?

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    "unable to initialize direct3d", how do i fix this?

    I get the above error in a game, 3dmark also won't run.

    it seems to have started when I went from 27.51 to 22.90 (original cd)

    should I get the 23.11 detanators?
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    1.Check Display Device settings for your system. See if there is anything out of the ordinary "!" icon etc
    2.Reinstall drivers using uninstall Nvidia drivers then PCI VGA then the new drivers, use Detonator Destroyer if neccessary.
    3.Reinstall direct x if necessary perhapse 3DMark and the game(s).
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    there's a atually a quick fix for this that sounds really oxymoronic(disabling directx actually enables it, or something odd like that), but works...i personally haven't payed enough attention to all the threads about this sort of problem so i don't have the answer, but if you search the forums here for "initialize direct3d" you should be able to find it
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