Ram overheating a problem? My system is crashing@2.7Ghz.. whats a bad temp for ram?

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Thread: Ram overheating a problem? My system is crashing@2.7Ghz.. whats a bad temp for ram?

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    Ram overheating a problem? My system is crashing@2.7Ghz.. whats a bad temp for ram?

    My P4 2.0A is cooled by a watercooled 225W peltier unit. It idles at 0 degrees C and at full rampaging sisoft burn-in/prime95/3Dmark2001SE running at once it gets up to ~20C.

    On cool days (ambient at 60F or below) I can run my system totally stable @ 2.7Ghz (20x135Mhz FSB) with the RAM ratio at 3:5 and timings at 2T-2T-2T 4T 1T (Asus P4S533, Corsair XMS3200 DDR). That puts my RAM at 225Mhz, or DDR450, and it's with CAS timings at the fastest possible, so there is still some breathing room.

    However, during hot days (80F and above) which is pretty much every day now, I can't run my computer stably at 2.7Ghz. It sometimes wont even post, but if it does, it makes it into Windows half the time.

    Still, even on these hot days (80-100+F) my CPU idles at 0 and maxes out at 18C or so, and this is when I down the FSB to 130Mhz and RAM ratio to 1:1.

    I want to know what is causing the crashes on hot days if my CPU's temp isn't hotter than when it's running at 2.7Ghz during a freezing night. Is my RAM erroring and causing the crash because of overheating? I don't have any heat-monitoring things that I could use to monitor RAM temps.. and I was thinking that it would either be the RAM, Northwood Chipset on the Asus P4S533, or my GF4 ti4600.

    I don't think it's my GF4 because usually if the video card causes a crash, the game freezes... and doesn't crash to desktop with an error (and usually reports an error with nv4disp.dll or something like that letting me know I've overclocked the Gf4 too high again).

    The Corsair has heatspreaders on both sides, but it still gets hot. I have 3 120mm Panaflo 105CFM fans pulling air in, two are blasting it on my GF4 and the wash splashes onto my chipset and ram from those two fans, and I have 2 of these same fans exhausting air over my radiator.

    Any recommendations? I have 2.9volts (instead of the default 2.5V) pumping through my Corsair RAM, which could attribute to heat... my main problem is that my CPU isn't getting hotter during the hot days.

    I can crash my system running CPU stress burn-in tests like looping the Sisoft pro benchmarks for the CPU (math/multimedia) and memory bandwidth tests, but it still crashes if I only do the CPU benchmark looping (and this is on a hot day... on cold days I can run 50 of these looping and it doesn't even blink and just rips 'em up at 2.7Ghz).

    Anyone have any suggestions? If you think it IS my RAM, could you point me to some good RAM cooling options that aren't extremely expensive, please? =)

    Thanks for any replies..

    - XeeN

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    That ram is rated 3200?
    Umm thats well over 200 mhz right?
    IT should run fine if your running at 225.

    Also you say you can crash it by looping sandra cpu bench?
    Well sorry to say but if that happens then you aint got a stable OC.
    And according to the "rules" thats not a succesfull OC.
    A succesfull OC is when your rig will be stable after looping benchmarks or burn in tests or whatever.If not then you have to lower speed till it becomes truly stable,well as stable as your current windows OS will get.
    Me I just run seti all night and when I wake up the next morning if its still running and hasnt crashed then that I consider a good stablility test.

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    Try putting one of those fnas directly on top of the ram and see if that makes any difference.
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