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Thread: FreeBSD list disks Command?

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    FreeBSD list disks Command?

    I have four hard drives. What is the command that will list the four drives and their partitions? I have files on various Windows partitions that I want to copy to my FreeBSD install.
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    check /var/run/dmesg.boot

    This will show you what drives FreeBSD has recognized.

    For SCSI they are usually da0, da1 .... daX
    For IDE they are usually ad0 (Primary Master), ad1 (Primary Slave),ad2 (Secondary Master and ad3 (Secondary Slave)

    Then you can run the command:

    disklabel -r xxx (where xxx is the drive) to see what file system types are set up on each partition on that drive.

    After that you can use the various flavors of the mount command to get the files off of those Windows paritions.*

    * I recomment you mount the Windows file systems as read only.
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