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Thread: list of sites to block?

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    list of sites to block?

    I got a block site feature on my router.

    anyone know where I can get a good list of common ad sites so I can put it in my block list and screw up their pop ups?

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    If your router's ACL is by IP only, you'll have a tough time blocking advertising sites because the ads come from many different cached sites around the world.

    The way I use my router's ACL is to block sites where most of the scanning and cracking attempts originate. Large IP blocks are assigned regionally and politically. For example is allocated to RIPE (Europe). RIPE allocated the block to the Netherlands, a source of much spam and porn. There are other notable IP blocks as well - and are allocated to APNIC and are exclusive to Asia.

    Watch your router's log to determine where your specific problem connections are coming from.

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