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Thread: Shuttle Ak31 mb any good?

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    Post Shuttle Ak31 mb any good?

    Not looking to spend to much on a mb and this one has onboard sound and ddr slots which i want. Mb is going to be for an Athlong XP 1700+.... Has anyone had problems with the Shuttle?

    Specs off newegg:
    SHUTTLE AK31A AMD K7 VIA APOLLO KT266A SOCKET A ATX MOTHERBOARD - RETAIL New Ver.. VIA VT8366A/VT8233 Chipset. Supports AMD K7 Athlon/Duron FSB 200/266 Processors. Four 184 Pin Up to 4GB DDR SDRAM DIMM. Onboard AC97 Audio 1 4XAGP, 6XPCI, 1XCNR. Supports ATA 33/66/100 MB/s IDE Interface

    $80 bucks btw
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    The sound will be far from impressive..

    I would also recommend the

    from newegg as well..I am using it to build my new system, very reliable/stable and has some nice overclocking features..

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