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Thread: Windows Media Player stops and starts

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    Windows Media Player stops and starts

    When playing a video file in Windows Media Player, the file does not play continuously, it stops to buffer data every three or four seconds, then continues to play until the next pause for buffering. This has just started occuring in the last few weeks and the only software I have loaded is a couple of games so I don't think these have caused any problem. Music plays fine on the media player--from files on the drive, but will occassionally buffer when streaming from the Net.

    I upgraded to the new version 9 Windows player hoping this would eliminate the problem, but it still persists.

    The files I am playing are on my hard drive, and not being streamed from the Net, so I would expect best performance.

    I have a 2.66 Mhz. processor and a gig of RAM, and am using a ATI 9700 pro video card.

    You help is appreciated, thanks.

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    Are you sure your files arent corrupt?
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    Will the files load up fine in another player???
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    In reply to both of your replies, and thanks for starting with the basics, the files are not corrupt, and yes they do play in another player. I have two PCs that are newtworked and the files will play on one PC, the older slower PC at that, but will not play on the newer PC. I use Spy Bot and AdAware and also have a firewall, so both PCs are pretty clean and trouble free.

    Thanks for any additional suggestions, I will followup.

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