Proc for laptop? I want to rplace the 2000xp-m cpu in my daughters averatec 3200, a 24oo was available, but want to go as high as possible. Also uses 333 memory, but if iirc all xp-m were 266. I see that I can get both a 35 w and 45 watt mobile, but cannot find any 333, so am assuming they run asynch.

Any suggestions as to what I can upgrade with? Would love to pop in a 2800 or 3000, but may have to settle for 2400 maybe 2600.

Anything to be wary of? If I get the 45 watt, it obviously will decrease battery life and uncrease heat load, so I may have to settle for the 35 w 2400.

Averatec has not replied, website does not specify, nor any info in readme files. Google hasn't helped either.