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Thread: Free way to share usb devices over network?

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    It doesn't work for me ,,,,,

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    Quote Originally Posted by speedboxx View Post
    Yea...remote desktop seems to be a messy way to do this. I just want to setup an old machine to run 24/7 as a server with all my usb peripherals connected to it. I want my main laptop to be able to access those peripherals wirelessly anywhere in the house as if the devices were physically connected. I also want the rest of the computers at home to be able to access these peripherals as if they were physically connected.
    yeaaaah me too i wish it so much

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    And it works without a problem. You must do something wrong.

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    In addition, many modern routers, like the Netgear one I have, allow USB drive sharing and is built-in to the router settings
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