So last year during the steam holiday sale I bought the FO:NV DLC pack...

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Thread: So last year during the steam holiday sale I bought the FO:NV DLC pack...

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    So last year during the steam holiday sale I bought the FO:NV DLC pack...

    ... and due to me having already played through Fallout New Vegas twice, I wasn't really in the mood to restart a new toon and do it again right away.

    Well nearly a year has passed and I decided to jump back in and give the DLCs a shot.

    I got my new character up to level 14 by doing side quests; staying pretty much away from the main quest (other than saving Wellsprings from the powder-gangers).

    And then after checking around to find out the best order to play them in, started on Honest Hearts.

    Wow. I have to say that this DLC is very well done, the story is well written and ties a lot of the loose-ends from vanilla FO:NV together and expands on the story.

    And I won't spoil it for those of you who haven't played the DLC, but the opening moments when you arrive in Zion play out like a Tarantino movie, ultra violent and fast paced.

    That can be said for the combat in the DLC as well. In the vanilla game (other than running into a random Death-claw) you never really thought yourself in danger. In Honest Hearts, things can go downhill fast, making you alert and on the edge of your seat the entire gaming session.

    The area that the DLC takes place in is the bad-lands of Utah and since it is placed in that area the descendants of Mormons and their brand of Christianity have an important part of the story.

    Also, Honest Hearts has a serious Fallout 2 vibe to it, much more than both Fallout 3 and FO:NV both which felt more Fallout 1 in comparison.

    Here we have the actual spear wielding savages of Fallout 2 fame, except they now have added tommy-guns to their arsenal, which makes then a lot more dangerous to your wanderer.

    Tons of areas to explore, two new companions to travel with, a good amount of combat and a compelling story make this a good DLC.

    Highly recommended.
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    I just started vanilla NV today actually. Installed a few mods and gonna give it a whirl. For $4 I couldn't pass it up.
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