I'm just going to get this out of the way right now - Braid is brilliant.

In Braid, the player controls a man named Tim, in search of the "Princess." The game is a complex 2d platform game with a time-shifting gimmick that may seem ordinary at first, but truly changes the way you think to solve puzzles. Each world handles the time manipulation differently, and each world gets progressively difficult as you try to collect all the puzzle pieces and learn more and more about Tim's quest. When it was all through, I was literally left in awe at the conclusion.

I cannot go into detail about things without impacting your view on the game; the story and the gameplay go together very tightly and the tale is both cryptic and emotional and should really be experienced without any outside suggestions so you can form your own opinions.

Download the demo on XBLA and see if the gameplay feels right for you, if it does do not hesitate to spend the unusually high $15 to purchase the full version, as you will absolutely not be disappointed.