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    IIS and Windows 7

    Has anyone gotten IIS running on Windows 7?

    I installed it last night, but it did not appear to have created the necessary user/group accounts to allow access.
    I added my junk folder to it. That's the folder containing images I post here.
    Sure enough, it is not accessible via the web.

    The IIS.msc has changed considerably. There is no simple properties menu item. I'm still looking for where the anonymous IIS account is specified for a given web site.

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    What version of IIS are you trying to run? I just setup IIS7.0 on server 2008 and it works great.
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    The version of IIS distributed with Windows 7. AFAIK it is IIS 7.5.
    That said, the version info in the Help display is not always correct in beta releases.

    The IIS management interface is totally different in Windows 7 than in Win2k3.
    When I remotely connect to the Win7 using a Vista Computer Management MMC the IIS tree is not present.

    *edit*Chapter 2 in this tale of woe.

    I think the issue is with the access/security of the default application in the app pool.
    The default security is set to pass through authentication.
    Pipeline mode is integrated. The other choice is classic.
    I don't know what the functional differences are. Anyone?

    *edit*Final Chapter
    Kaspersky Anti-Virus 8.0 was blocking access only when a FQDN was used.
    It did not log that fact or display a notice. So much for relying on logs.
    It allowed access via private IP address only.
    Once I disabled the program, IIS started working.
    I never had that issue with AVG or Avira.
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