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Thread: The last game you beat,did you like it and what are you playing next?

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    Bought a ton of stuff in the Steam sale that I'm slowly working through.

    Fight'N Rage is pretty great for what it is (Final Fight/Streets of Rage style beat-em-up). Has a lot of the bad hallmarks of those games (repetitiveness being at/near the top) but the characters all feel pretty different and it's all pretty well put together.

    Blue Revolver is a bullet hell shmup where my review so far sounds a lot like Fight'N Rage above; it won't convince somebody that doesn't like the genre to like it, but it's well put together and a pretty good game IMO.

    Shadows of Adam is an old style JRPG that's also pretty good so far, though I'm only a dungeon or two in. MP/Skill system is simple but interesting, you can basically just take a turn off to regenerate some of it and get some other small bonus (like higher magic stat for the next turn).
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    The last game that I have played and finished is RE7. I really like it. I am currently playing The Evil Within 2, so far so good.

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