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Thread: The last game you beat,did you like it and what are you playing next?

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    Expensive Sushi
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    Jan 2020
    Devil May Cry 5, I will definitely recommend this game to all my friends and members of this community.

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    Has got that jut monroeski's Avatar
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    Started playing Yakuza Kiwami on some bad information that I should play it before 0. A few hours in I was corrected, so I went back and started 0 instead. Liking it a lot so far.

    Don't play it and think you won't get sucked in to the sidegames. You will.
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    I played super long and inspired RDR2. Best game for me.
    Now I'm waiting for Fallout.

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    Houston, we have lift off!
    Just finished Moonlighter on Switch. While it does feel like rinse and repeat, the sell stuff at your own store and upgrading weapons and armor was still great.
    Loved it. I heard there's expansion on PC but not on Switch...
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