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Thread: Reccommendations for an oscilloscope

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    Reccommendations for an oscilloscope

    What would you guys recommend for one and what should I look for in specs? I'm going to primarily use it for automotive use to monitor sensors, noise in circuits, data-logging on older vehicles and monitor module to module network communication. The fastest stuff we got going on in the auto world is the HS-CAN network which transfers data at 500kB/s.

    I would like to have more than 2 channels but I can live with just two.
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    Are you wanting to buy one new or used? Either way I'd tell you to stick with HP/Agilent (it's just Agilent now) or Tektronix. I had a used HP/Agilent 546001B 4 channel, 100MHz scope a few years ago. It served it's purpose and I paid a few hundred bucks for it.

    I'd say go for four channels, probably 350MHz, and don't get one that runs Windows. I'd also definitely avoid the handheld units.
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