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Thread: New 720/PS4 specs

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    New 720/PS4 specs,15247.html

    This is why I dislike consoles. While I don't expect the new consoles to use dual 680 or 7970's, a 7670? That isn't even mid range. So it won't take long before PC graphics will be held back by console hardware. Assuming the 7670 is unchanged from the 6670 these are the specs. I assume using an APU will help. I don't know how much the graphics only console hardware will boost performance or how much the GPU will be tweaked.

    Codename: Turks
    Process: 40 nm
    Universal Shaders: 480
    Texture Units: 24
    ROPs: 8
    Memory Bus: 128-bit
    Core Speed MHz: 800
    Memory Speed MHz: 800 (1600 effective)
    DirectX/Shader Model: DX 11/SM 5.0
    Max TDP: 66 W
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    Mind if I move this link into the thread in the gaming section? Pretty good read. I'm not totally bummed about this. I wasn't expecting top end cards, nor did I want them in the consoles. The last thing I want is another $499 PS3 and $399 360.

    Looking at the specs, a single 7670 is 3x more powerful FLOP wise, so double that for 6x more powerful. However, the true story comes in with the amount of texture memory. IMO, one of the biggest limiting factors is the texture buffer size of the current consoles especially the PS3. Introducing not only "higher res" textures but adding more mapping layers is key to upping the visuals substantially. If these launch with 1GB+ video memory, then I think we may see a huge increase in graphical fidelity.

    With the advent of post processing AA alternatives like FXAA and SMAA, major processing power doesn't need to be spent on super sampling AA methods, which frees up a ton of potential. I'd rather they use clever design methods than pump ridiculous power into the system causing the price to be sky high and there to be heat problems like last gen.
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    Move away. I just thought it the hardware choice was really weak considering what is available. I have no plans on purchasing either. I'm happy with my Sega Genesis. I thought the last sentences were pretty funny.

    "Are both companies finally erasing the line between console and desktop PC? Will we finally see full mouse and keyboard support in our shooters?"

    Ummmm okay...I already have that..for 10+ years...I call it my PC.
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    Bah, as it stands, I believe my rig spanks it silly....

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    Console wars? Any mid range gaming computer will spank it.

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