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Thread: Windows 8? IDK

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    Red face Windows 8? IDK

    In the interest of being fair I know Win8 is beta but,but I must say this is a very painful experience thus far. Yeah, I have a back up and I could have run it in VM but I wanted the "full force trauma". Well, I got it.

    My point is, this will be a user nightmare come true. But, hey if it helps the IT sector I guess its ok..right?

    Nvidia did put out some Windows 8 drivers but DX is not working right correctly..All I got have to say is backup.

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    I'd probably end up skipping 8 all together. Windows 7 works exceptionally well for me.
    ...WAIT FOR IT

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    Uh... what's the problem? Video drivers from a third party are not running properly on a pre-release operating system and that makes the OS a "user nightmare"? Really? I mean, really?

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    I tried the consumer preview and although it does add some very nice things like data redundancy at the OS level and better performance monitoring, I doubt I will be moving to it anytime soon. I hate the metro screen. I went into it with an open mind and can't stand it. Every time I hit the windows key and the entire desktop is covered with a menu, I understand why Apple is taking their time integrating iOS and OSX.

    It will be neat for tablets, but at least give desktop users the option to revert back to something more comfortable. Exposure is nice, but forceful change for all desktop goers due to the limitations of a tablet is not.

    I absolutely can not see businesses moving to this. I just imagine my professor wading through metro UI, sorry not going to happen any time soon.
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    Well it’s officially over; i.e. I reinstalled Windows 7 and after a day I feel relieved. The crazy part is once I got the Nvidia drivers working with Windows 8(note: Nvidia recommended not using their Win8 drivers with MY OEM laptop)the Win8 update recreated the same gameplay problems again. That’s when I accepted defeat.
    Also, not being able to just press F8 is really, really annoying. I hope they include it in the production release. Thanks for the feedback…have a good weekend.

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