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Thread: New Intel i7 3930K

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    I didn't think you ever skipped anything Mikey?! I can certainly see the upgrade being a big one from the C2Q's as even up to the first generation i7's was a decent upgrade. It does make my C2D 3ghz laptop seem even further behind but as the rest of its hardware is still very good I can't yet replace it.


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    I was looking at this Intel roadmap:

    It has me thinking a 3930k is a pretty good purchase to last many years. It looks like it will be the high end enthusiast option for at least another year, possible two years since Ivy Bridge E was put on ice. Haswell-E wouldn't come out until Q1 2014 IMO.

    I might have to give myself a graduation present Then again a 3770k matches the 3930k at pretty much everything I'd use it for. I do not encode MP3's or use handbrake often.

    I'm also curious to see what Pile Driver does for AMD. If it matches Ivy performance, then I would go with that just for something different.
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    Yep, looking at the roadmap more or less confirmed my choice of CPU was the right one for me. I wanted my CPU to be the top end choice for a year at oeast, and from the looks of it, it is gonna stay top end for another year at least. If you recall my thread about upgrading,nI was torn between the LGA2011 & LGA1155 platforms, but I decided to go big with the 3960X since the 3930K was in short supply......I could have waited, but playing the waiting game isn't my forte. Had I gone LGA1155, I may be itching to go IB now, so.....I guess I had made the right choice.

    Edit - Btw, john, I have been known to skip a generation or two......but when I do upgrade, I go for broke. My last Intel upgrade was the X9650, and it cost me a pretty penny too. The FX4100 BE was a necessary, but fun, upgrade since Q6600 decided to go to cpu heaven. These newer gen CPUs and mobos are simply kickbutt in terms of features and OCability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mikeysg View Post
    I dunno about you guys, but I usually break out in a cold sweat whenever I flash the BIOS.
    I always did too until I went with ASUS bios flashes in the bios and with all my machines on big UPSs I hardly think about it anymore, although now I've probably cursed myself.

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