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    Sound Card

    I want to buy a sound card for my PC which I want to use semi professional for singing. can you suggest me the best and cheap???

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    Are you thinking something like UAD-2 QUAD Core or are you more in the realm of this Creative Audigy FX instead?

    If you're looking for something more like the first you'd probably do well finding a forum of sound engineers or buddying up to one to ask about mid-grade options.

    If you're thinking more like the second, then it doesn't matter so much. The home PC sound card market nearly killed itself off years ago and has been limping along since. The tech behind them seems to be pretty stagnant - correct me if I'm wrong here audio nerds - and you're better off focusing on the tech you actually want to hook up and buying a card that will support whatever physical ports you find you're going to need.
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    you should go for any computer hardware shop.. they will guide you. you are looking for a card..

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    thanks for suggestions.. I have bought one

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    Aha.. nice to hear.. Enjoy

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