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    VIdeo over ip

    We are remodeling our college with a February 2017 completion date. We are redoing our computer net also. We want to set 6 video panels in one room, 10 in another room, and 7 in a third room. For control and switching of the av signals, we want to implement hdmi over ip equipment. It will be over cat5/6 cable. We have never used it before and want to learn all we can. Is there any noise/problems with the quality of video signal? Anybody familiar with these hdmi over ip devices?

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    All SVSi video over ip encoders and decoders have DVI connections present. What many people donít know is that a DVI connection can accept HDMI signals by using a passive adapter cable and are also unaware that embedded digital audio will also pass through the DVI connector. SVSi devices can transmit 7.1 uncompressed audio over that same DVI connector. We chose to use DVI connections for a few good reasons: Primarily, it has a true locking connector and cables area generally higher quality as such. Furthermore, DVI allows us to bring in analog video signals through passive adapter cables.

    SVSiís encoders with a DVI-I connector allows for VGA or Component Video signals to be brought into our device at resolutions 480p and above. Decoders employing DVI-D connections permit digital audio and video signals to be output through HDMI.

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