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Thread: How do I sync iPhone with Outlook

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    Question How do I sync iPhone with Outlook

    Good day.
    I recently switched from Android to iPhone and now searching for something that can automatically sync Outlook data with iPhone. I tried doing it through iTunes and it syncs everything except notes. Donít know why this is happening but thatís what I have at the moment. I don't want to use iCloud due to security reasons so Iím looking for a reliable way on how to do this without sending all my data to Google or Apple servers.

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    I googled and found one thing on the first results. An application is called Akruto and it seems to be synchronizing notes and other Outlook data as well. It looks promising but I have never used similar apps. Have you had any previous experience with it? Is it worth installing?

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    There is also Outlook for iPhone provided free by Microsoft.

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