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Thread: Zen 2 / Ryzen 3000 rumors...

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    Zen 2 / Ryzen 3000 rumors...

    We’re getting awfully close to the launch of Zen 2. AMD was reportedly aiming for a 15% clock for clock improvement over Zeno combined with higher clock speeds it gets awfully close to Intel.

    If the rumored specs are true, we’re talking 6 core and 12 thread for sub $150 , and 12 core 16 thread for under $500 at high clock rates. It gives me hope for a nice CPU price war.

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    Wow, hardly anyone around these days. I have not posted here in a bit as I'm in Toronto now, been here for a couple of months now and you know the old saying about idle hands.....bought myself a Samsung S5e, some 4K Bluray movies, and have started ordering parts for a new rig.

    All this hoopla about Ryzen 3000 series that I'd decided to hitch a ride on the bandwagon, I have ordered 4x8GB DDR4 RAM, a Sabrent 256GB NVMe M.2 SSD (boot drive). I have paid for and reserved a Ryzen 3900X which I plan to pick up in a few days' time.

    Will be buying an X570 mobo when I get back home (for local warranty), as well as a case....repurposing one of my PSU's for this build, perhaps a couple of 4TB HDD's for games.
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    Dang Mike.
    That sounds like a killer setup!
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    Spec'ing the heck outta it! Have gotten a 2TB Samsung SSD for games which I know the SSD isn't big enough for. So, when I get back from Toronto in early August, I have arranged to meet up with a guy who's selling a server grade Samsung 7.68TB SAS SSD, but I will need a HBA (Host Bus Adapter) to get it to work in a desktop PC. This one is gonna cost me, so I'll do a little more research.

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