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Thread: Zen 2 / Ryzen 3000 rumors...

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    I've been advised to use Ryzen Master from AMD (obviously!), I see temp fluctuates here as well, but all within 30+ C when in idle. GPU-Z is picking up and showing the wrong temp from what I've able to gather. I'll be running AIDA64 and testing my RAM at rated XMP speed of 3200Mhz CL16 (I will be getting a set of Patriot Steel Viper 3733Mhz CL17, so I'll run this too when I get it). Will also run a few game benchmarks to see how this new rig performs....bear in mind, I'm using a VEGA64, so I can't quite get a high gaming benchmark so bear with me.
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    Definitely frustrating I'm sure. I like the idea that the benchmarking and monitoring tools haven't caught up to the new chips much better than the idea of a chip which will spike temps though!

    Hopefully they'll iron things out within 6-12 months and the usual stuff will be back to working order. I dunno if I'll get to build something new before mid-2020 but if so these look like fun.
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    Pardon my slow pace guys, kinda new to this Ryzen setup, OC'ing via Ryzen Master is proving to be quite easy. I ran Cinebench20 with CPU at 4.3ghz, 1.375v. I believe there's more OC'ing headroom, so I'll be back periodically to update.

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