Hai Folks,
I have an AMD K-7 600 MHZ (0.25 Micron) on FreeTech P7F200A2 Mother Board with latest bios and driver updates. The problem is that this MoBo is totally jumper less hence does not allow me to set the clock and multiplier settings manually. Is there any way by which I can tweak it to run a bit more faster. Currently my system bus is automatically running at 99.4 MHZ and this makes my K7 run at just 596.4 i.e. UNDERCLOCKED :-=((.

I am totally new in this arena and dont know much about BIOS settings but by hit and trial all the BIOS settings are set at their limits. Please let me know if any one of you is also using this pathetic piece of technology and is there any hope of OverClocking or tweaking it a bit?

Thanks in adavnce,
Suraj Kumar,
New Delhi,