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    6 channel built in sound on mobo's?

    I am looking at motherboards with built in sound, and some of them say something like this:
    "CMI9739A 6-Channel CODEC (PCB 3.0 only)"
    How does this work if the sound connections on the mobo are the...
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    Installing W2K using an IDE Controller

    I am trying to install Windows 2000 Pro on a hard drive which is plugged into an IDE controller. The directions in the controller manual says:
    - Press F6 to install other driver
    - Press S...
  3. Do IDE Controllers control max HD storage?

    I am trying to upgrade an HP Pavilion. The mobo is only ATA-66 and only supports up to 40 gigs so I am going to buy a new PCI IDE controller which is ATA-133. With the new controller can I now have a...
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    New HD, Old Computer

    Are there ever any incompatabilities? It's an 80 gig Ultra ATA-100 HD going into an HP Pavilion 500 mhz Pentium (II?). HP's website of course does not have this much info.
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    Put an HP into a new case?

    My cousins have an awful HP Pavilion 8550c and I am trying to do some upgrading to it. Is it possible to take that whole thing apart and put that terrible mobo inside into a new case? Do you think it...
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    php, perl document.image.height and...

    php, perl

    document.image.height and
    document.image.width seem to work.

    what I do is

    <body onload=self.resizeTo(document.image.width,document.image.height)>
    and later on
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    I recommend Deitel & Deitel (C++ How to Program)...

    I recommend Deitel & Deitel (C++ How to Program) as well. It contains everything in the C++ standard, and is also good for a beginner. My c++ prof. said this is the best learning book he has seen.
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    Get an image's size

    I'm designing an online album for myself. I am using a popup java window to view the images. All the pics are the same size, however, some are horizontal and some vertical (640x480 and 480x640). I...
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    Intel/Amd in a Laptop

    I am helping my friend buy a laptop and I am a big AMD fan. But not many laptops come with athlons. The ones that do I am not so ready to recommend to him (I won't recommend a compaq). But what about...
  10. It's fixed now -- but another question: in...

    It's fixed now -- but another question:

    in grub.conf im not sure what to put.

    These are my partitions:
    hda1 = windows2k (i believe hd0,0)
    hda4 = extra linux partition (will be used for /home)...
  11. Installing Grub with Gentoo -- cannot find files

    I am installing gentoo linux and I am almost done -- except I have to setup grub. The install instructions say to type root (hd0,0) then setup (hd0). I have 2 hard drives and my root partition is...
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    It's working now. I just had to download the...

    It's working now. I just had to download the nvidia drivers from my roommates computer and install them on my system.
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    How to Recompile the Red Hat Kernel

    Can somebody point me in the right direction? I need step by step directions on how to recompile my kernel - I have red hat 8. I was told this is what I need to do to gain access to my ntfs...
  14. Redhat won't connect to network after running netconfig

    This is the latest issue in my red hat saga... sigh... mandrake installed perfectly.....

    I am trying to download drivers for my video card since xwindows wont start. I cant connect to the internet...
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    I cant connect to the network. I started a new...

    I cant connect to the network. I started a new thread regarding that, with a subject a little more specific than "red hat hates me". lol.
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