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Thread: BF1942 is out :)

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    Houston, we have lift off!
    My hair is 90+% white now... have to dye it. >.<
    I've been playing through PoE still... making good progress... this game reminded me how much I love BG series games...
    because of wrist pains, I can't play (well) shooter games anymore... at least nothing like CS or PUBG types
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    I have way too many games on the go, still modding Skyrim, I probably am one of the few who never listens to good advice, so still using the same character since I started modding, my character from 2011, moving the saves games along, so far it still works lol. RDR2 is being played, recently found some old trackmania Nations (the old one ) tracks I built, so played them again. This forum was down for a while, I could not reach it, it is sad how it slowly died.

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    Then I have The Witcher 3 to finish lol. Considering that I finished GTA 5 on the PC story wise 5 years after almost getting there on the PS3 5 years prior to that (just before the big heist), my games take some time to be finished. Heck, I still have to finish Uncharted 4 and Spiderman on the PS4, so yeah, still gaming, gamer for life. RDR2 is so nice though, halfway through on the PC. That is a game that is just nice to pick up, do some missions and just play loads of poker or just stare at the world.
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    Just checking in, still playing L4D2 but that's about it. Every time I look at Steam games I see something that I think might be fun and then just never try it.

    Glad to hear you guys are still around though!
    ...WAIT FOR IT

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