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Thread: Best Cell Phone Service

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    Well, that sucks that you actually called in about it first...if you knew who you talked to at the call center that said they would give it to you at that price, then they would have to give it to you.

    One common thing I think we can agree on here is that cell phone companies in general are a ripoff...

    The money you send in to a company every month to use their service is mostly profit. Of course, a certain amount has to go to pay the employees, maintain the system, and expand into new areas, but most is just profit. Like Alltel...they just had $1,000,000,000 laying around, and so they decided to use it to put up more towers. Where the flip did they get a billion dollars though??? Its getting to the point where theres so much competition though, they have to offer more and more for the same price.

    Im pretty well sick of the cell phone business...I HATE CELL PHONES! I hate talking about them! I hate selling them! And I hate getting yelled at becuause the people at the cell phone company dont know what their doing! And of course, Im burnt out with people too...any job where you work with the public does that to you eventualy.
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    I have AT&T, I live in a very rural and mountainous state so, it doesn't really matter what service provider i have i am never gonna get service in most of the state. but were i live, in Huntington, WV I get excellent service, usually... when i can get a call through. at&t has leased out their towers around here to a company giving unlimited minutes day or night as long as you call in state. this being a college town guess what provider kids are using? other than that no complaint, customer service has always been really good and helpful and i got a pretty kick arse plan. wished they had better phones. I have a nokia 8265 and its an excellent phone. m-life is still too expensive compared to my digital plan so, i am stuck with my current phone, i am just waiting for some nice tri-mode phones to come out.
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    lordzortec - no hard feelings man, but yeah it definetly sucks that they told me one thing on the phone then another when i got there, that was the whole point of calling first...i live by san diego state, 4pm, classes getting out, people getting off work...i was stuck in the middle of an intersection for 15 minutes because the onramp a half a mile away was so packed with cars getting on interstate 8, plus theres a signal light, thats what pissed me off was the whole wasting my time thing, if they would have said "no you'll have to wait 4 to 6 months and this is why" i would have been like "cool, glad i called first....take care, see ya"

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    I'm quite happy with Verizon. The only thing I can fault them with is their limited selection of phones, and the weak signal inside my house. Everywhere else I get a good signal. I need to call that "can you hear me now?" dude.

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    I'm paying real close attention to this thread. My Sprint cell does everything but make a phone call. And if I do actually get somewhere that the phone will work and have to use it, the bill is going to come in over 100 bucks instead of the regular 40.
    So it looks like they're all basically pretty lame with maybe ATT being a little less lame?
    I've been ripped off by phone companies so much that I'm a little gun shy. MCI sent me a calling card that I used on vacation to call mom on her birthday. They didn't tell me it was 1.50 a minute plus a 2.50 connect fee so they score a 50 dollar phone call and loose a customer forever. Amazing how these corporate guys thing they're so clever and their customers are idiots that they can manipulate with 'plans' and doubletalk.
    I can give you all a tip on regular long distance. Big Red Wire..a flat 4 cents a minute, no fees, no catches..nothing. You have to put it on a credit card so they can save on billing but my phone bill is a sane price for the first time ever. I've tried them all and somehow the other guys always figure out a way to turn the bill into a 100 dollar payment no matter what you do.

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    well we all have one thing to look forward to, and thats 11/24

    Nov. 24 is the deadline for cellular carriers to offer number portability in the top 100 U.S. markets. In other words, starting on that day, consumers will be able to switch cell-phone providers without losing their assigned cell-phone numbers. The industry is facing an enormous shift. The Management Network Group predicts that 30 million "ports" will take place in the first year alone, with 4 million occurring just around holiday time.
    now people will be able to jump carriers and KEEP their numbers, with this im predicting/hoping that the days of 1 and 2 year contracts....contracts all together will go away and we will have a more landline type atmosphere when it comes to mobile phones, like going month to month like you do now with your home phone carrier, same price but you can bail whenever u want and switch companies with no penalty. also someone else has predicted companies will come out with a "we will pay your contract penalties if you switch to us" promo... others say the wireless phone market is already too competetive and companies are making razor thin profits if any at all, i call that boloney! DO NOT sign up for a new contract now because u will be stuck in it until it expires, the other customers whos contracts have expired will be preferential treatment due to the real possibility the carrier will lose them due to their "fck you" attitude towards most customers.... the reason companies have treated customers like shyt is that they know they wont leave because they will have to get a new number and people dont want that so the carriers hold it over our heads, not so come 11/24 (hopefully)

    the funny thing is wireless carriers (aside from verizon) are charging customers for cell phone number portability while they fight against it. verizon is the only company promoting it and not charging for it, at the beginning they were the biggest opponent of it but someone else said it is due to some research they did and they found out they had the most to gain by it....either way its good news for consumers....

    oh, and cell phone companies BANK on large accounts such as businesses where the employees have had their numbers and their contacts know the number, thus making it nearly impossible to switch cariers because they would all have to get new numbers and let hundreds, maybe thousands of people know the new number etc....thats another reason they dont give a rats a s s about u or me...we dont have tens or hundreds of phones.
    Quote Originally Posted by ua549
    In Canada you'd probably have to wait at least 30 days to get a broken arm fixed.

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    Originally posted by unclescrooge
    i've kept cingular only because of the number. i've had it for seven years and don't want to change it. once this number portability rule goes into effect, you can bet your that i'll be hunting for a better plan and service.
    I believe you can transfer numbers from one carrierto another now, we looked into that option when looking for new phones over the summer but cingular gave us a great deal on 2 v60t phones.
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    As of November 27, you can transfer a cell phone number from one carrier to fact, rumor has it that you can transfer your HOME number to your cell phone. I havent confirmed that one yet, but it makes sense.
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    you speak the truth. Its November 24th tho

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    I use Cingular and I have been happy with it.

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    Originally posted by masteraleph
    I'm going to say either Cingular or AT&T, depending on where you live (my hometown doesn't have any Cingular reception...that's what I get for living in the largest demographic cul-de-sac in the US).

    OTOH, I'm currently using Sprint PCS. Doesn't work as well at home as the AT&T, but for some reason AT&T (and Verizon for that matter) essentially don't work at all in my dorm (and you'd think that somewhere like UPenn would have universally good reception).
    Freshman? Or i'm just not getting why UPenn would have 'universally good reception'?

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    Originally posted by GenoG
    you speak the truth. Its November 24th tho
    Also this is only available in select areas right now, top metropolitan. So, if you live in rural area chances are you going to have to wait until this next summer to port your number to a new carrier.
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    i have AT&T and have had them for almost 3 year now. have never had another provider, but have had no need to switch. most of my friends have nextel, but a couple of them (one in particular, he's now switched to verizon) have had some serious billing headaches with them.

    AT&T on the other hand, has goofed on my bill only twice, and when they did i called them and they immediately knew what the problems was, fixed the problem without any hassle whatsoever, and even gave me credit towards my next bill, because the billing problem they had with my account specifically would likely re-occur on the next month. and it did, but i was covered....

    to me AT&T really seems to know what's going on, so i'm very happy with them.
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    Verizon seems to be pretty good to me. Haven't had any problems with them although I don't use a cellphone that much.
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    Unlike some others on this board, I am VERY happy with Sprint PCS. The calls are always very clear, and I never have a problem with my coverage in my area. If I got outside of a big city, like to Wyoming (went there this summer) then it'll go to analog roam. Oh, and the customer service isn't too bad at all. If I messed up and went over on my phone bill by making too many calls, I just call them and yell at them like it's their fault. I once got $300 phone bill down to $50 by doing that.

    As far as the other services go, here is the way I see it. I think the big three are cingular, verizon, and sprint, with some others close behind. As far as these three go, I think sprint has the best quality phones, cingular has the best plans, and verizon has the best coverage. That's the impression I get at least. Anyone else think differently?

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