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Thread: Where do you buy your games?

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    I like to go to Best Buy but sometimes their games can be pretty high. Usually gogamer outsells them.
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    Ebay when its a game that's been out for awhile and I want a good deal on. GameSpot and EB for the new releases.

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    Just a heads up on something I found out about on another forum.

    Best Buy has those gift certificates in the back. You can put any amount of money on them you want, and they have a $5 off coupon for games (if you get the green one). So put $5 on one, go back into the store and use it to buy a game with the coupon. Save yourself $5.

    BTW Best Buy also pricematches 110%.
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    i'd say walmart, or target, or best buy. i haven't bought a game online before...but recently i've only bought my games in thailand...so that is much cheaper.
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