Any other games like painkiller?

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Thread: Any other games like painkiller?

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    Any other games like painkiller?

    I never thought i would like the game but i love it now. Are there any others like it? I tried far cry it's ok but i like painkiller better i like how when you shot someone there body flyes apart. lol

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    Serious Sam is the same kind of killing hordes of baddies.

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    If you like this kinda FPS, just like me, you'll definitely like Serious Sam : The 1st Encounter as well as The 2nd Encounter. Demon hordes galore, just blast everything in sight. Another one in the same vein as these is Will Rock (but it doesn't rock like SS and PK)
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    Re: Any other games like painkiller?

    Any other games like painkiller?

    unfortunately too many
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    Re: Re: Any other games like painkiller?

    Originally posted by bimbim18
    unfortunately too many
    If you enjoy the type of game then that's a good thing.

    Serious Sam is really the only other one that comes to my mind at the moment.
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    yep Serious Sam for sure.
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    thanks i'll check that game out.

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    Sort of old school, but Blood was a great game back those years ago. Similar sort of game, though it was obviously limited by hardware.
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    Serious Sam would be the best option, I truly enjoy the game, and it's certainly my Game of the Year. Despite its flaws, it has the potential to be one of the finest single-player FPS games of all time, similar to TSE, once it is fixed. Everything about the fighting is fantastic, and the plot is delightfully corny and ridiculous, something games seldom achieve. However, it performs poorly on a mid-range PC and crashed several times for me. If they genuinely needed more money, they should've kept it in production for a few months longer or released it as an early access game. But the core is gold, and I'm hoping that SS5 or an expansion will be released much sooner than it took to move from 3 to 4.

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