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Thread: Upgraded: 512MB vs 1GB Benchmarks Inside

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    I wonder if I should buy 512 more RAM or a video card first...

    512 --> 1 gig = $50

    TI4200 --> 6600gt = $200

    I used to own a nice tower, but then it was too expensive to upgrade consistently. And I only play Age of Empires 2: The Conquerors DEATHMATCH. And that doesn't need a lot of power (PM me if you want to get in some games). So now I own a MacBook, but I like to think of myself as a well-informed Apple convert who still uses Windows sometimes.
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    both, for 250. You will see the biggest benefit first off from the 6600gt.

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    Originally posted by stonez
    both, for 250. You will see the biggest benefit first off from the 6600gt.
    Agreed. Might as well get both.

    But for someone like you, the Vid card probably does make more sense. Coming from a 4200, a $200 6600GT is a very good choice for the money, you'll see a big improvement, and probably makes more sense than alot of memory.

    But for people with mid-range graphics cards (like mine) who only have 512mb, spending $400 on a new graphics card to actually see any kind of performance increase wahtsoever over their current cards is not smart when a whole gig of RAM now is less than $100.

    Its all about bang for the buck. If you have to pay around $400 to see any kind of noticeable increase over your current video card, memory is probably a better investment. But if your video card is old enough to where you WILL see a nice improvement in a $200 card, by all means, you NEED that $200 card.
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    Wow....it's 2019 now. I still have the hardware from this benchmarking session, with the same RAM!

    Of course my main rig is running 32GB now. LOL
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    That's crazy cool! I've probably changed 3 rigs since then. haha

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    If you have the budget then go for the bigger one.

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