PLEASE READ: The right way to ask for help

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Thread: PLEASE READ: The right way to ask for help

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    PLEASE READ: The right way to ask for help

    I was thinking about upgrading my <equipment x>. What should I get?
    I'm sure many of you have seen a thread started with a post much like that above. It seems like a perfectly good question. However, it's missing one important thing: information. The people trying to help you out have no idea what your needs are, so they can't make the best recommendation possible. In the spirit of trying to solve your problems as quickly as possible, here are some general guidelines as to what you should include when asking for help:

    Troubleshooting help
    1. Which sound card/speakers are you using?
    2. What other hardware do you have in your computer (motherboard, video card, PCI cards)?
    3. What is your specific problem?
    4. What have you already tried to fix it?

    Sound card/speaker/headphones recommendations
    1. What is your budget?
    2. How do you divide up your sound usage between music, movies, and games?
    3. Do you prefer a certain type of sound (e.g. bass-heavy, warm, bright)?
    4. For speakers, did you want stereo or surround sound? How big is the room?
    5. What equipment are you using currently?
    6. Which models are you currently considering?
    7. Are there any special constraints like space or connector types?

    (Inspired by Eric Raymond's How to Ask Questions the Smart Way)
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