Will AMD ever get their software right??

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Thread: Will AMD ever get their software right??

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    Will AMD ever get their software right??

    So I was looking at the rx5700 and the primary issue still seems to be their software. My first custom build was an AMD system in 2003..I turned into an intel & nVidia fanboy immediately after that disaster. it's almost TWENTY YEARS LATER and AMD still seems to fail in their software department. Reminds me of Soundblaster. The best audio cards but software failed. I haven't bought my parts yet however I'm wondering if I'm making a mistake going and trying AMD again or if I should stick with intel/nvidia. All of my rigs (after the AMD disaster of 2003) have been intel/nvidia (including since 2003).

    It's interesting. All the boards and reviews rave consistently that their hardware is top notch and outperforms nvidia/intel however their software is their Achilles heel. Am I making a mistake in building the r3600+ rx5700? or Should put that money to the intel+nvidia.

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    Hmm... I am ... neither.
    I've had both company's video cards and both softwares are not that great.
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