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    Stinky Cheese Virus

    I heard about an insidious computer virus named Stinky Cheese.
    Has anyone gotten it?
    It's supposed to tell you knock-knock jokes while you're tryin' to sleep

    I'm just wondering.
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    Blank, I'm pretty sure (at least hope so) that Dude was making a joke. You should all go and listen to the song "Virus alert" or at least read the lyrics.
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    Maybe it makes your computer smell like cheese after the virus kills the mouse in the wheel, and the cheese goes bad.

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    nice refrence to:
    made me laugh

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    at least i won't feel so lonely if someone tells me a joke in the middle of the night haha (no)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Us3rN4m3 View Post
    nice refrence to:
    made me laugh
    It took me a million re-listens the message is basically to spread a virus.
    Mind you, the fact that I spent yesterday evening watching loads of Weird Al videos probably had something to do with it.

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