Looking forward to the higher end Kaby Lake CPU's. I've been putting off the upgrades to my systems for a few years now, and I think next year is finally going to be my house-wide refresh.

Not so much for Kaby Lake, which doesn't bring many improvements over Skylake, but for the newer chipsets. If rumors turn out to be true, moving to USB 3.1 and some type C ports, and/or thunderbird on the higherend boards means I feel there is enough change to warrant a platform refresh. The other upside is that 4K netflix streaming is available, but only on Kaby Lake CPU's w/ Windows 10.

I also never did pull the trigger on the XPS 15. Hoping that the Kaby Lake refresh of that very nice laptop has a fingerprint reader to make it my perfect machine.

Anyone else looking forward to new chipsets/features along with the new CPUs?