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    Asus HD 4850 Video Card

    I will be the first guinea pig at this "review" subsection.

    Up for review is my newly purchased Asus HD 4850 video card. Comes in at 625 MHz for core and 1986 MHz GDDR3 memory.

    Look at that!! Ain't it beautiful?!! I mean the art on the heatsink!!
    Seriously, I felt bad for taking her off... but I placed the new ThermalTake's DuOrb cooler on it.

    I have done only a bit of OC'ing... to 650 MHz core and 2000 MHz memory 'cause I found out one thing: You don't need to OC it to play at max settings at 1680 x 1050!!

    I have played Bioshock, Ghost Recon: Advanced Warrior, Titan Quest: Immortal Throne, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and Serious Sam II. All play beautifully and wonderfully so far! Sorry guys... you are not gonna get numbers from me... I do that enough at work. If I can play all these games without stutter and at max settings, that's fine by me!!

    As I add more games to playlist, I will update that here. I also wanted to add on that Asus threw in a really nice utility to control fan speeds. There are 3 types: Auto, Manual, and Custom. Manual, you just set one fan speed and Custom, you can have 3 speed settings for 3 temperature settings. Everyone knows by now that these generate a lot of heat, so this is a definite welcome.

    Other than that, they have a great product here folks. I paid $170 and $20 MIR coming soon (hopefully) from Asus. They did e-mail me that they got my stuff and that a check should come soon.
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