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Thread: Fortress Forever 2.1 was released last month

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    Fortress Forever 2.1 was released last month

    For those of you that might be interested, the developers over at Fortress-Forever released version 2.1 on September 12th. Also, Fortress-Forever is being offered on steam as a free modification.

    There have been a lot of changes since FF was released a little over a year ago. And rest assured that the developers have been hard at work making FF the best multi player team fortress experience it can be.

    The change log is rather extensive, so I am just going to post a snippet here and the rest of the see the Team Fortress Forum.

    The fortress forever community also released a video about the changes -

    Here are just some of the changes included in the update.
    Generic / Misc Stuff

    * "Skim cap" added
    o Skim cap set to 1.80 or 180%. The skim cap does not affect upward trimping.
    * Re-added grenade friction for all non-conc grenades
    * Bunnyhop cap up to 1.40 from 1.20
    * Added objective icons
    * Spawn system made more random
    * Made "can't spawn for X seconds" message show 2 decimal points
    * Added ability to use custom map sentences via "maps\mapname_sentences.txt" file
    * Various hint updates
    * Updated maplist.txt to include new maps
    * All maps now have loading screens
    * Made spies get a message saying their sabotage is about to reset once there's about 6 seconds left
    * Included source files of various maps (found in source\maps)
    * Added another startup mp3: The Ecstasy of Gold (Acoustic Version) by John S


    * New IC model!
    * Added shadows that only project downwards (can be turned off with sv_shadows)
    * Added swimming animations
    * Made teammates of a saboteur see team colored spy icons drawn above their sabotaged buildables
    * Made sentries change skin to saboteur's team when maliciously sabotaged
    * Messages now have dropshadow
    * Added medkit first-person animations
    * Added rocket dynamic light
    * Made explosion dlight more orange
    * Enabled dynamic lights by default. Use Fortress Options to disable
    * Completely new single shotgun animations.
    * Civilian is now team-colored and has shoe texture.
    * New jump animation.
    * Thrown/world medkits are now FF medkits, not HL2.
    * Autorifle now has muzzle flash.
    * Autorifle firing animation works correctly.
    * Made disabled classes have their selection buttons disabled instead of not drawn
    * Made railgun muzzle flash blue
    * New rail effects
    * Added cl_pipetrails cvar
    * Added medkit animated screen texture
    * Added ff_blunkka01 texture pack

    Bug Fixes

    * Fixed blue pipes not always detonating when they hit a player
    * Added clamp to emp cell damage, so Pyros don't get wtfpwned
    * Fixed emp-triggered ammopack explosion not dealing damage
    * Fixed maliciously sabotaging a dispenser not counting as a kill
    * Fixed sabotaged sg teamkill bugs (rockets, detonation, shooting other buildables, and more)
    * Fixed spies disguised as civilians not having civilian weapons out
    * Fixed detpack context menu disappearing too soon
    * Made spectator hud not draw if cl_drawhud is 0
    * Made messages not draw if either cl_drawhud or hud_messages are 0
    * Fixed "Build sentrygun" radial menu option being disallowed if dispenser was built
    * Fixed wade sound looping bug when standing in water
    * Fixed player list
    * Fixed sabotaged sentries not being targeted by other sentries
    * Fixed spy radial menu not resetting timed out sabotages
    * Fixed not being able to close the stupid spectator menu
    * Fixed not being able to disguise after prematch when you have the flag when prematch ends

    Class-specific Changes

    * Scout:
    o Made the jumppad require +jump input
    o Removed jumppad warmup time
    o Reduced size of the jumppad's trigger bounds
    o Jump pad forward push up to 1024 from 1000
    o Jump pad vertical push up to 512 from 500

    * Sniper:
    o Radiotag duration increased from 15 to 30 seconds.
    o AR damage up from 5.5 to 8.
    o Sniper rifle base damage up to 45 from 35
    o Sniper rifle maximum damage up to 275 from 245
    o Sniper rifle charge time down to 5 seconds from 7 seconds

    * Soldier:
    o RPG damage radius decreased slightly (from 125 to 115).

    * Demoman:
    o Pipe bomb damage radius decreased slightly (from 150 to 135).
    o Blue pipe fuse time up to 1.3 seconds from 1.1 seconds.
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