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    Epox 9npa+ Ultra (s939)

    This is not a lengthy review by any means. I was using a DFI LanParty UT nf4 SLI-DR, it was a great board by all accounts. I was running my AMD Opteron 165 (1.8Ghz dual core) at 2.8Ghz using stock volts, it was pretty much rock solid for anything.

    It just so happens, I needed a replacement board. Lucky for me I ran across this Epox gem of a board here on sharkyforums. I could not be happier, currently sitting rock solid stable at 2.7Ghz at stock volts. I'm sure it could go a bit higher, although I don't really need it to. The thing about the 165s are they were great overclockers but as many of you know the multi is locked to 1-9x so in order to get the the speed you need out of them you had to run a much higher than normal FSB to get the job done. Quite a few boards out there couldn't handle the FSB that high. For this board, no problem in that department whatsoever.

    Enough about the good, onto the bad. There is only ONE gripe I have about this board. The IDE ports are directly behind the PCI-E slot which just so happens to be a small issue when you are using a longer video card (9800GTX in my case). It causes the video card to not seat fully in the slot so the "latch" doesn't lock to hold the card in fully. Luckily enough though, the card seats enough to work properly and is in there pretty secure.

    Word of warning, do NOT try to force the card in farther than it wants to go because you WILL crack the motherboard. Get it in as good as you can and just take care in what you are doing and it will be fine. Also, an obvious solution to this problem is to run all SATA drives.

    Final thoughts:

    I don't know how anyone could go wrong with one of these boards if you have a decent overclocking s939 cpu laying around. It's not much of a looker but it makes up for that 10x in performance. You may want to avoid it if you have ANY ide drives in your system and are not comfortable with having a longer video card not seat fully in the slot.

    Great Performance

    IDE ports obviously


    A big thank you goes out to AMD Inside here at sharkyforums! Happy Holidays everyone!
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