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Thread: Partitions for new HTPC

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    Partitions for new HTPC

    Hey everyone, I just ordered the parts to put together a HTPC, including a single 1TB Western Digital hard drive. I am planning to install Vista or possibly Windows 7b (along with Media Portal). On all the computers I've built (last one was 4 years ago), I've used a small partition for the OS, and unless there is some new, prevailing technique, I plan to do the same.

    My question is, how large should I make the OS partition for this system? Should 10GB suffice, or should I go up to 20? Thanks!
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    There is no compelling reason to have a OS only partition.

    Vista will use in the neighborhood of 15 gigs. Win 7 will use about half that. I would make it large enough to handle all of the apps you intend to install and have plenty of room left over.
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