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    Just finished it - overall I really liked it. I played it on normal - seemed fairly easy. You FPS aces will want to play it on something harder. All points that Hadsus mentioned (in the general gaming thread) I agree with. The compass leading towards objectives was very helpful. At my age I tend to want to be guided around things. I don't have that same 'Oooo I need to discover everything all myself' issue anymore

    The cutscenes looked mixed rendered and engine generated and the overall story was pretty cool. Most used weapon was the MP43 for me. Second, probably the sniper rifle followed by the Protocannon if things got out of control or I needed to dispatch a tough foe quickly.

    The veil world was really neat - I almost never used the time slowing or shield effects. Only the veil view and the other ability that let you shoot through shields.

    Good selection of weapons and the upgrades can be very useful. Just make sure to look around for gold bags and other valuable trinkets.

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    Thanks for the review... I guess I will play it later when it's cheaper for more sentimental reasons than anything else...

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