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Thread: Compaq laptop cd/dvd drive not working!

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    Post Compaq laptop cd/dvd drive not working!

    I'm fixing a compaq presario v6000 laptop for my friend the problem seems to be with the cd/dvd drive.

    If you put in a disc you hear it spin up but the drive doesn't even show up on my computer.

    If i do need to replace it can you point me to a good "cheap" place to buy Ive opened and repaired laptops before.

    any help or advice is much appreciated


    When i go into device manager it says "Windows cannot load the device for this hardware. The driver may be corrupted or missing"

    I cant find the driver anywhere on the internet is a Compaq Presario V6000 dvd drive "TSSTcorp CD/DVD TS-L632D" if you find it that would be sweet!

    But i think the device comes with the driver on it and the real issue may be that there not talking correctly.

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    Delete the driver to get rid of the corrupt one and then restart. Should reload the driver on restart. If not go to add hardware and add it back.

    edit, oops forgot the place to get the driver for adding back: Here.
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    I just fixed it i fallowed this guide.

    <<<I have the same problem yellow with yellow something...
    here is the basic steps to achieve correctly DVD rum....
    Operating System for Vista any version or for XP any version...
    1. Click Start go to Run
    2. Type regedit
    3. on the Cross Click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE
    4. on the cross click System
    5. on the cross Click CurrentControlSet
    6. on the cross Click Control
    7. on the cross Click Class
    8. And now you.. click 1 by 1 of the folder and find UpperFilters Right Click on the UpperFilters and Delete
    9. Restart your Computer and you will have your CD ROOM Good as new....
    That's All Folks... Gudluck.. Very Easy Steps....
    for comments and suggestions Email me at>>>

    That was from

    I would add that there are multiple UpperFilters files just delete the first from top down and reboot if it doesn't work try other UpperFilters

    Big props to mamomi999 or Rommel

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    Maybe it's some dirt on the laser. And you can follow this one: to clean it. If this does not help, you can temporarily convert your DVD to USB, then stream the content to your computer, you can follow this guide: If the drive's died, you need to but another one.

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