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    Asus Transformer Review (Android 3.2)

    So thanks to Chase's cash back program, we got an Android tablet! It's got Tegra 2 dual core processor, 1 GB memory, 10.1" IPS screen, 16 GB storage. Yeah, it sounds like every other tablet, but this one has some unique features.

    Though I haven't got it, this tablet has an actual keyboard that you can attach to it. It then becomes a laptop. Ta da... It has transformed!! :-P Anyhow, it also has a microSD card slot and mini HDMI. And let me just say that it's beautiful! Text, contrast, graphics are all great.

    What makes it even better is that Asus has included two awesome apps: MyCloud and MyNet. The former is a DLNA media sharing app and the latter can access Asus' cloud AND your own computer! That was ingenious!!

    I upgraded it to 3.2 soon as I got it up. It's perfect! Battery life is awesome too!! So far so good!

    Score: 9/10
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