ASRock Fatal1ty X-79 or ASUS?

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Thread: ASRock Fatal1ty X-79 or ASUS?

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    ASRock Fatal1ty X-79 or ASUS?

    I am looking at upgrading my motherboard and CPU and I am seriously considering the Intel Core i7-3820 for the LGA 2011 socket.

    For a motherboard I decided that I want a good one and am willing to pay for a high-end model
    There is this ASRock Fatal1ty X-79 'Champion' on E-Bay, looks like one of the first available for sale:

    How does the Fatal1ty X-79 Champion compare to say the Asus Rampage IV Extreme?

    Looks like similar specs, but I think I can get the Fatal1ty X79 Champion for much less and it has the new Creative SoundCore chip on-board.

    Is it worth getting?
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    Why not? Asrock makes superb mobos with great build quality, that Fatal1ty X79 board looks fully spec'ed to me. The thing that got me was the description....compatible cpu brand: i5 & i7 had me scratching my head.

    I have the Asus R4E and it is one bad mutha of a board, but I honestly wouldn't have minded getting that Fatal1ty board instead.

    Edit - If you want to go LGA2011, get the 3930K at the very least, the 3820 isn't worth considering....
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