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Thread: Desktop Stuck At ASUS Motherboard Startup Screen

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    Desktop Stuck At ASUS Motherboard Startup Screen

    I have an ASUS P5N73-Am Motherboard with an Intel Dual Core Processor and 4gb of RAM running Windows 7. I shut down my PC last night because I noticed a buzzing noise which sounded like one of the cables rubbing against the case fan. When I booted up my tower in the morning it got stuck at the asus mobo screen and wont even let me hit delete to see bios options. I removed each stick of ram and tried rebooting and received the same thing. When i removed both sticks and booted up the screen was black and the motherboard kept beeping. I unplugged each hard drive and tried booting up and got the same result. My 4th hard drive which was the last, my system seemed to get to a different screen which said something like windows detected a hardware change and that I needed a CD or something like that. I am pretty sure that must have been the drive with windows installed on it.

    Any help is appreciated? I'm not sure if the mobo is finished or if its something else.



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    Have you tried just clearing the cmos via the jumper? I would try that and look at the ram again.
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