Are any of you guys going to install Win 8 on your system when it launches? I played around with the dev preview and I see no reason to "upgrade" right away. I haven't been following recent news, but if the start button stays as-is, I may stick with Win 7 as long as possible (until games require a new OS) and continue to use my Mac for everything other than gaming.

The future seems uncertain for MS. A lot of games are coming to OSX and with steam hinting at a Linux push, anything is possible. MS seems to be behind in everything other than the traditional PC OS. Splitting the difference between a dedicated PC OS and a tablet OS seems to be a strange move, which forces concessions to be made by for both devices. IMO, they should have done something along the lines of Apple. Two completely separate, but complimentary OS's. Then again, MS may be ahead of the curve by combining them together.

I'm not looking forward to a wall-o-icons on my 27" 1440p screen though.