w/7 won't go into safe mode!

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Thread: w/7 won't go into safe mode!

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    Cool w/7 won't go into safe mode!

    I have had to boot my acer pc by physically turning it on and off.The reason I turned it on and off manually was it was taking too long to install the windows updates. It would go to 15% and then stall! Now I get a message:

    WINDOWS BOOT MGR: Error file\boot\bcd
    status: oxc oooooe 96

    I haven't the faintest idea what this means or how I can get my acer back into safe mode. Can u help? Thanks in advance.
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    Did you let it sit on the 15% for a few HOURS?

    I went straight to my favorite search engine and searched on-> WINDOWS BOOT MGR: Error file\boot\bcd

    Found this:
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