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    Angry No Bootable Device

    Acer laptop: v3-551G-X419


    Having issues with the bios. Turned it off from the power button one night and now there are no bootable devices found. On start up turns on fine, then a screen indicating there are no bootable devices found and prompting me to press "ok". Which is then followed by the boot manager screen with a boot option menu that give me no options to boot into. Now I have gone into the bios and restored them to default and messed around with boot orders. After playing around with the battery in and out and pressing the power button to see if something could be reset. I thought that the motherboard was not reading the hdd, but on the main page of the bios i see the model number of the hdd. Maybe a fluke i thought so i grabbed another one of my hdds and the bios picked it up but still was'nt able to boot into it. My next course of action was to see if i could boot into a flash drive or an external cd drive, Showed up in bios but did not boot and did not show up on the boot menu. I decided to go in and pulled the cmos battery in the system and reset it the old fashioned way and still nothing. I'm quite in the predicament here . Its not under warranty.

    Thank you for your time.
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    Sorry for late reply... but did you open it up and see if the HDD is still ok?
    Or ensure that the connection to it is good?

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    Since you were able to try other HDD in your laptop could you try the HDD in another computer.
    Since other HDD result in the same problem i'd guess the HDD isn't the issue, but you never know until you
    double check. Could try a BIOS update. Boot from windows CD and select the repair utility.
    Disconnect all drives but your main, including externals (USB and whatnot), set your boot order to only
    list the main HDD. Frankly i don't think turning off the laptop via the power button should have damaged it.
    That sorta thing happens all the time to laptops when they run out of battery power out in the "field".
    Also -> google if all else fails
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