I currently have Windows 7. There will come a time when MS will no longer support Windows 7, so was wondering if I should jump to Windows 10 when it is released later this month? I am not used to using panes and no start button. I want it to be user friendly and have a search button and all that easy stuff. I know MS stopped support XP and I don't know about Vista, but Windows 7 will be next.

What do you think about buying an Apple computer laptop? I used to own one a long time ago, but I was not able to get on certain websites so I went with Windows. It seems that Apple computers rarely get viruses, so just wanted some opinions from you folks for some advice about a novice user to find a computer that just gives me internet, email, social networking, word processing, a good photo editing program, a good music player, etc. I do not play any games on the internet. I'm too busy for that.

I just want something that is reliable, stable and easy for me to transition to.

Thank you.