Asus z270 maximus ix formula help.

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Thread: Asus z270 maximus ix formula help.

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    Asus z270 maximus ix formula help.

    Hi all Im looking for some help. im getting issues on my system with lag spikes and weird stutters when running games. my HD seems to go nuts sometimes as well not sure whats going on. at first i thought it was down to my gpu being a Inno 3d 1080 hybrid black as i am gaming at 4k. which I recently upgraded to a EVGA 1080ti Kingpin but still i was getting issues..though the fps was alot better at 4k then before i would still get these random horrible lag spikes and fps drops. I have a pretty highend system to begin with but even with this new card i was getting issues so I got in contact with EVGA live chat and i was told by one of the tech agents to try and run the benchmark fire strike ultra test so i did and then was told that after looking at my results it looked like my cpu was throttling due to the speed of the memory running at an xmp profile and they told me to disable the xmp profile or that I would need to overclock the cpu in order to run this memory at its xmp speed. however even with the memory not running in xmp profile i still got the performance issues.and the card was not even reaching its advertised speed so i have since RMAd it and waiting for the replacment. howver as i said..even with the other card i was still getting issues. im not sure whats going on but would like to try and get to the botteom of this. so im asking for help on here hopeing someone with more experience can help me get to the bottem of this issue. my system spec can be found below. any more info let me know.

    cpu: i7 7700k stock 4ghz turbo 4.5
    cooler: NZKT Kraken 52x (Camsoftware)
    GPU: gtx 1080 Inno3d hybrid black
    RAM:2x8 DDR4 Trident Z RGB 3200mhz
    Windows HD: Samsung 840evo 250gb
    gaming drive 1: WDC WD1002FAEX
    gaming drive 2: WDC WD4004FZWX
    Windows 10 64bit
    PSU: EVGA GL2 850watt
    Case: Cooler master HAF-X
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