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    Currently stuck in...

    I noticed that there's a long thread on games you finished... but real life says that most of the time, you actually have several games that you are in limbo for one reason or another... so I am starting one where you list the games you are stuck in currently and where/why

    Tales of Verspiria: Definitive Edition - Stuck in the middle game where you need to fight those two dorks but can't get the fight mechanics they are trying to "teach" you to work.

    Final Fantasy XV - Lost interest

    I Am Setsuan - Lost interest

    - Stuck somewhere...

    Dragon Ages: Origins - Lost interest

    Pillars of Eternity II - Stuck in fighting that huge semi-god in a fight to death...

    Divinity: Original Sin - Got too hard somewhere around a bridge...
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    Horizon: Zero Dawn - Got a good chunk of the way in but just not generally interested in picking it back up. It's fun enough while I'm playing it but doesn't really pull me back otherwise.
    Lost Kingdoms II - I think I went on a weeklong trip while playing it and then just didn't start it back up.
    Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate - Every year or so I play a Musou game for quite a while and then put them down for another year or so, but I stopped playing this one much earlier than I normally do.
    Octopath Traveler - Just about to the post game stuff (I think I have 1 or 2 characters left to finish off for main story things) but I think the repetitiveness finally got to me.
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    When I lost my motivation from playing a game I usually take a break.

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    Quote Originally Posted by isabellamor View Post
    When I lost my motivation from playing a game I usually take a break.
    Yes, but sometimes that 'break' turns out to be rather least for me it's true for some of the games I've tried.
    Star Wars Battlefront 2 -Kinda lost interest
    Borderlands 3 - Couldn't quite got used to the game mechanics and reward system
    Detroit Become Human - Ugh, impulse buy....couldn't get into the game
    World War Z - Couldn't get into the game
    The Sinking City - Played a few minutes, then put it on hold......haven't touched the game since I'd gotten it some months back

    I have many others that are limbo, a little embarrassed to list 'em all.....
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    Witcher 3 - Got lost in side missions and forgot where I am in the story. The Netflix show and books have re-peaked interest so I'll jump in once I'm further in MHW:I and got my old W3 mods working.

    Divinity Original Sin - Got a little over half way during the beta, when a major update was released that added more content but required a restart. Still want to beat it but not motivated to replay through first half.

    Stardew Valley - Stopped playing because Three Houses came out.

    Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Stopped playing because Astral Chain came out

    Astral Chain - Had a baby girl and haven't had the focus to go back to playing.
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