The news topic sets the pace for tech blogs. As a blogger, you have to keep up with the latest trends in your particular tech sub-niche and be amongst the first to cover those that your audience would care about.

In so doing, you get to enjoy quite some good peaks, and depending on your monetization model, you can make some good money. Covering industry news will also help you gain quality backlinks, especially if your reporting is elaborate and accurate.
This then boosts the Domain Authority of your website, helping your old posts and new posts to start ranking much faster.

For inspiration, you can visit a tech news blog like TechCrunch or TechRepublic

2) Tips and tricks for technology users
There’s a reason why many people who aren’t tech-savvy come to your website: To find quick tips that they can implement right away.

Oftentimes, they are having a momentary challenge, be it using Google Docs, navigating their gadgets, or just can’t seem to get their laptop started.

While your tech blog might not be the home for the challenges above, your particular audience has similar challenges around the tools and gadgets that your blog focuses on.

Examples of posts under this topic:

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