Tired of the desktop rat race and the giant box in my office. I've built several PCs since I built my first in the 90s. I've gone to laptop/external display setup.

I picked up the ASUS G15 AMD Advantage and paired it with a 27" QHD panel. I also got a 60% wireless RGB keyboard and wireless mouse with a nice bluetooth headset. This setup works great. I have my laptop when I go to the inlaws and need to escape into Wasteland 3 or Battletech, and then at home I just plug my dock into it and I have a full desktop setup. The best of both worlds. Plus I can stream my Xbox Series X to the monitor and just play that way too.

So TLDR I sold out and ditched desktop gaming for a laptop....also see ya'll next year as I forgot about Sharky until I got the birthday email. Hope everyone is well.